Alan Forrest Smith

Reflections on War Poems

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An emotional response to the sufferings of the innocent caught in war, this is a collection of War poems, written as a reflection on the current state of nations in war.

By Alan Forrest Smith 

Poems in this iBook

  • The Old Man and War
  • War
  • Tears of a Mother
  • If I Was God
  • Ukraine
  • This President That President
  • Everyone is Innocent
  • How Can You

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To the lonely
You're never alone
For the alone
You're never lonely
The the parted
You can be joined
To the joined
Never be parted
To the unloved
You're always loved
To the loved
Hold fast tight
To those that weep
Let those tears go
Hold fast to your tears
They will remind you

Be alone but never alone
God is a head turn away
God is a reach away
Gods hand is outstretched
You just need to reach

For the godless
Your life
Your day
Each hour is a triumph of you
Each second can be your turning point, your moment of glory, your time to rise

Nothing is lost
Nothing is abandoned
Nothing is the end

The beginning began in times long ago
The start
Your start
Where you are now
Your journey is never lost
Rejoice in each breath
Demand of yourself action
Grasp hold of what you have

Naked we all are
Beneath we are all the same
How you
Yes you
Think and feel is your way

If you're alone reading this never forget alone isn't possible
Alone is a fear
Fear of abandonment
Fear of yourself
Reach out
Reach out
Reach out

Ask just ask
Speak just speak
Cry just cry

For every tear
God cries too
For every sad moment
Gods sad too

Truly there is always a way
Your way is here
Your way is now
Your way is waiting

If you're lonely
Just know this
You're never really truly on your own