My Deliberate Recreation Live Facebook Seminar

My Deliberate Recreation Live Facebook Seminar

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  • Five Days of Live and Interactive Seminars On Facebook

  • January 8th - 12th 7 pm U.K. time.

  • Just £295

This is your opportunity to take part in a live 5-Day Seminar Online Jan 8th – 12th

But first …

Alan here.

If you’ve been reading my emails for some time (most of you have and you are probably one of them) you will also know that the year 2017 was a year of conscious deliberate change for me.

I have everything I needed but I also realised I needed some changes.


It felt a little full-on but it has been worth it. As you also know - NOT my first Deliberate Recreation.

Anyway, in a nutshell, it was this.

I wanted to recreate certain things in my life.

Less restriction, more choice and more time to enjoy life.

I knew it had to be a deliberate choice.

I got fed up with some routines I was doing and wanted big change. I also had felt a little lost or off path.

This means a deliberate action to do certain things that can look high risk to anyone watching.

I decided to deliberately recreate the following:

  • Closing my office that we had spent a small fortune on after just one year 
  • Restructuring all my business despite them already working
  • Closing high-end high-paying services to free up more time
  • Rebuilding a new direction Orange Beetle for 2018
  • Starting a brand new book publishing company with no outcome in mind (MasterAndManBooks,com)
  • Writing more new books - I have three underway
  • Working out new processes for this change
  • Making sure incomes grow not reduce during the process
  • Finding new systems or partners for my business
  • Rediscovering how to create business for the 21st century
  • Building a new body for stronger and better health
  • Finding new foods and removing old foods
  • Rediscovering Yoga practices
  • Working with a trainer on my new body
  • Making my relationships stronger, happier and even more filled
  • And there has been more.

Hard Work With Incredible Reward

That has meant some extra stress because some of what I have been doing is so unfamiliar to me so has taken learning curves and time to do that.

I also have had to work out new routes, create paths, work out systems and learn new things to make my deliberate recreation possible.

What I will say now is it’s been a very different year for me.

It’s been hard, it’s been full on, it has meant a lot more work, more intensity but honestly, it has been worth every single moment.


NEW BODY & HEALTH: For example, today my body is sore after a week of pretty full-on workouts. But after 8-weeks in on a new program I can see the changes and I know it’s worth it for me.

Sometimes there are parts of me so sore after training I cannot move. Crazy but once I get to my goal I know it’s worth it.

NEW BUSINESS, NEW INCOME: Our new publishing business located at Master and Man that can take a file from a computer and create a published and promoted book is taking off. I have no expectations but it’s starting to attract the right people. Our first two books are almost ready to roll out.

NEW RETREAT, TBILISI: And we have decided to open up our four small homes in Tbilisi Georgia in May 2018 for a Writers Retreat on Storytelling, writing and the business of writing and more. This takes time, organizing and another new way of thinking.

NEW FRIENDS: And of course, this year has seen new friends. One such friend is author David Nore. He is definitely that client who becomes that special friend you meet on those very rare occasions in life. He has allowed me to deliberately recreate his writings and experiment on his manuscript from a file to book launch. I understand how protective writers are with their work so I get it being an author of 13-books. That takes guts, courage, and confidence. Thank you, David.

DELIBERATE RECREATION has been interesting but a powerful experience I wouldn’t give away for anything.

It’s been challenging learning everything again or anew but we are ending our year with a huge bang so that makes it more than worthwhile.

Some more of the really great things to come from my own deliberate recreation

  • More time
  • A best selling book
  • My first illustrated book
  • A newly launched publishing house
  • New writers & authors programs
  • More income streams
  • And even another house paid for in Tbilisi, Georgia

There is more to come for me and I am ramping up 2018 into what I hope will be my best year for 10-years!

That takes me to you.

The simple term DELIBERATE RECREATION was my own buzz term for 2017. It was like an experiment. I wanted to see how far I could push things and observe the results as they came in (or not).

But 2018 is for you...


My First Live Seminar Over Facebook - Marathon 5-Days!

So, I am going to kick-off 2018 doing something very different for me.

I’ve spoken at a lot of events over many years but this will be the very first time I will be hosting my own deliberate recreation live seminar over Facebook.

For one week at the start of January, I will be hosting a private series of daily 60-90 minutes deliberate recreation seminars ONLINE!

So for each day from January 8th - 12th, I will be hosting a different live seminar all about YOUR DELIBERATE LIFE RECREATION LIVE STREAM INTERACTIVE 

At 7 pm U.K. each day I will be streaming live where you can interact and ask anything you need to know.

Each day will cover different subjects on YOUR DELIBERATE LIFE RECREATION.
This includes in no particular order:

  • Multiple incomes streams
  • How to transition from job to multiple incomes
  • How to get a new business and new life started
  • How to lay out a plan of action for 2018
  • How I did it
  • And
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Philosophies of life
  • The Book – Deliberate Recreation
  • And other stuff that directly affects the way you live your life right now.

The Dates January 2018

  • 8th - 7 pm
  • 9th - 7 pm
  • 10th - 7 pm 
  • 11th - 7 pm
  • 12th - 7 pm

If you need DELIBERATE LIFE CHANGE -  this is for you.

I have spent this year working things out in a lot of detail - lots of mistakes and lots of triumphs... its been cool.

I’ve done a year of DELIBERATE RECREATION for you.

I get it.

I understand how you might be feeling.

This is a perfect kick-start to a year of deliberate recreation for you.

What are you doing differently in 2018? The same or all change?

  • The same … it’ll be the same but worse.
  • Change and you could be in for the ride of your new life.

2018 is going to be a huge year for you if you allow that?

It’s going to be a huge year for me.

It’s going to be a huge year for almost everyone.

Politics and politico talk or not – it affects us.

The economy is heading for a blowout. It will be unstable. Businesses will struggle and it’s going to get just weird!

If you’re in a job how secure is it?

If you’re self-employed/in business … change or sink!

This isn’t a guess… this is coming and I think if you are tuned to you already know that.

There’s never been a greater time for you to go through a deliberate life recreation.

A recreation …

  • One that lets you take control
  • One that delivers multiple incomes
  • One that gives you back time to live your life
  • One that removes the word job from your vocabulary
  • One that gives you exactly what you want in life by using tools designed for life.

Will you experience a deliberate recreation in 2018?

This can be the start of something good for you.

You know in business when I work with my clients I try and come up with a big idea.

The big idea can be intangible, invisible and hard to measure. Yet a big idea can change everything for you.

My deliberate life recreation is a daily live seminar to give you big ideas you can think about, you can digest and you can chew over for your next deliberate steps.

It’s about a safe transition into new thinking and new directions.

It’s about taking a new direction before you run out of life

It’s about looking at your life in a new and different way than you have over the past years.

The whole intention is to make sure 2018 is a long way away from the previous years.

This is about your change.

  • Change in your mind
  • Change in your health
  • Change in your business
  • Change in your results

And your absolute recreation in a way so deliberate that failure just cannot be an option.

My Deliberate Life Recreation Live Facebook Seminar Begins:

January 2018 8th – 12th daily for a live teaching, training, educational seminar where I promise you that you’ll be set up with new thoughts and thinking like never before in any new year.

As you might know, if you’ve been reading my stuff for a long time.

I’ve done the lot.

Divorce, homelessness, bankruptcy, being broke and now back to where I am today.

Life has been bad. I recreated. I did so deliberately.

Life is good.

Your life can be as good as you decide to make it.

My Deliberate Life Recreation Live Seminar week will help you move forward in moments you will never have imagined before.

Once you join up here is what happens.

Once you sign up for the live event … MY DELIBERATE LIFE RECREATION 2018 … I will take your name and email and add you to a private Facebook group. On the days of the seminars, I will be live on video for anything between 60-90 minutes each day for 5-days.

All you have to do is sit and watch the seminar on your computer. Take notes, drink coffee or a whiskey if that is your thing.

Everything is recorded and held in the group for you.

Also, once in the private group you can discuss things, progresses amongst yourselves. I will also join in when I have the time.

I think this is an event you probably cannot afford to miss. I think it’ll be a breakthrough and I also think it’ll change things for a lot of people.

  • 5 Live Interactive Facebook Seminars January 8 th - 12th
  • Access to the private Facebook Group – My Deliberate Life Recreation 2018
  • Free copy of my best selling book – The Art of DELIBERATE RECREATION How To Manifest Everything From nothing.
  • Just £295

Will next year be anything like all the years before where you've wanted change?

This is an ideal opportunity for you to start your new year in a very deliberate course that can recreate a lot of things for you.

Sign up on this page.


Go to my facebook page and message me for answers to questions or text the number below for a call back.

Here is to your Deliberate Life Recreation.


Alan Forrest Smith


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