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Warrior Poems for Lovers

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Warrior Poems For Lovers (Warrior Series)

Probably the best Lovers Poems For Real Warrior Kings and Queens - From The 21st Century Contemporary Poet, Author, Writer - Alan Forrest Smith - Sensual, Erotic, Passionate, Heart Melting.

Lovers Poems include

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  • Huntress Woman
  • Beautiful Woman
  • How Can It Be Defined
  • You Cannot Give Love
  • When a man is after a woman
  • Men where is your power?
  • Baby Can You Just Love Me Like Your Man?
  • Breathe breathe breathe into me
  • He will walk
  • She Will Watch
  • Warrior man takes his seat
  • As she sleeps 
  • He's sleeping, in another place, another time
  • The warrior queen teases him
  • Look at him, warrior man
  • Warrior Woman Replies
  • How could I know
  • She's a warrior, a warrior queen.

    And others 

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    Kiss my lips
    Kiss my face
    Kiss my chest
    Kiss my skin

    Darling look at me
    Your first kiss to me, my first kiss to you

    It was coming, slowly surely coming
    Momentum gathering racing towards that moment, when our lips would finally meet

    When they did, when they do, it will change, it all changes

    A kiss changes everything
    The kiss is the moment
    The moment when we change forever
    The moment we no longer control
    The moment when the body, the spirit the soul takes over and guides us

    Kiss my lips she says
    Kiss my lips he says
    Eat my tongue she says
    Eat my tongue he says
    Drink my juice she says
    Drink my juice he says

    The kiss

    Take me
    Share me
    Love me
    Press against me

    I saw you and watched you
    Your lips grew redder
    Your lips grew fuller
    Your lips shone in the night
    They glistened in the day
    They asked
    The begged
    They demanded

    Kiss me
    Kiss me
    Kiss me

    As you stood there in silence
    Saying nothing
    Doing nothing
    Seducing the man
    Seducing the woman
    No words needed

    You came closer to me
    You stood closer to me
    You brought your face to mine
    Looking, looking, looking deeply, slowly intensely into my eyes
    You lifted your hand, slowly but surely
    On my cheek, in my hair
    Leaned forward

    Lips full
    Lips red
    Lips pouting
    A gentle touch of the skin

    Our lips meet
    They finally meet

    The kiss
    It had happened
    It had taken place

    Your firm, hard red, moist lips
    Meeting mine
    Touching mine


    The touch of your tongue
    Slowly revealing
    Gently inciting
    Asking silently


    It starts with a kiss
    It started with a kiss

    The kiss

    The first kiss


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