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New Authors Course

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Do You Like The Idea of Writing and Publishing Your Own Book?

How To Write Your Book, Become An Author and Then Get Published With Author Alan Forrest Smith

This is a Three-Part New Authors New Training, Giving You The Essential Insider Tips for Writing, Creating and Then Publishing Your Book

Dates: June 19th, 20th, 21st

Time 7 pm UK time.

This is a live class. Downloads available after the class.

  • I will be converting: Paperback, Hard Cover ,and eBook
  • 3 eye-opening and experienced 90 minutes live webinars/teleseminars over 3 consecutive evenings.
  • June 19th, 20th,21st at 7:00 pm London time
  • All calls are recorded for you to download
  • Each call has a download worksheet for you to follow
  • It is live not recorded
  • Presenter and expert: Published author Alan Forrest Smith is the author of almost twenty books
  • Just £250 instead of £297 when you register before 16th June 2017!

Plus I will send you a FREE signed copy of my first published book Escape from Zoomanity

    This Is ...

    • NEW Authors Training
    • How to get your idea on paper
    • How to get your words into a book
    • How to get published and create effective marketing
    • Get listed on Amazon and all good online bookstores
    • You'll also hear everything I know about how I became a published author

    First the sexy details of being an author


    • £4,900 in 16-hours
    • £2,695 in 3-hours
    • $2,925 in a day on autopilot
    • £366 yesterday (as I write) on autopilot


    • Speaking invites to
    • Australia, America, U.K., Asia
    • Expert Credibility
    • Expert Status
    • Power and Presence
    • The Ultimate Marketing & Promotional tool
    • Ability To Build a Business
    • Speaking Invitations and Higher Speaking Fees
    • TV, Radio, and Keynote Invites!
    • A legacy on paper forever


    • I no longer have a job
    • I don’t work hours
    • Start every day out for a coffee
    • Take time to sit and actually think
    • Write when I am ready
    • Write wherever I am
    • I am my own boss at all times
    • I live a full life and get paid writing
    • Under no pressure to deliver anything

    Can You Write a Book and Become an Author With No Experience?

    If you’ve thought about writing a book at some point in your life you’ve probably wondered how can you do it after all – you’re no writer, right?

    And. . . where do you begin and how do you write, create, publish and even get a book deal when you have no idea where the starting point is?

    I Was Also a New Author Once

    In 2008 I had an idea to write my first paperback book. It finally got published in 2012 with a New York publisher. I currently have ten books on Amazon and have an industry best-selling manual that has sold in the thousands at a price of £245.

    Here is my best salon manual.

    Here is my first book Escape from Zoomanity

    Here's the last book I published

    As a new author, I had no idea where to begin. I made a ton of mistakes, wasted needless cash and even deleted the original manuscript and started again.

    Now that same idea for a book I started with in 2008 can be found and seen in every major bookstore online.

    It feels good and has given me a lot of things I life I wouldn’t have. Right now I am working on a new book. This is a major novel. I am also working on a new business book and more (I write more than I have ever written these days).

    As an author that has done just about everything so far that a new author and writer can do – the good and the mistakes – I am more than well placed to take you through the whole process of getting your book out of your head, onto paper and into the marketplace.

    So I am willing to share how you can easily become a published author yourself over three very detailed but easy to listen to calls.

    Expert Author Session 1. From Idea To Getting Organised

    • Your Book – From Your Head and Onto Paper Guaranteed
    • The Essentials: What you should know about book publishing
    • How to get started
    • How to write stories
    • How to write a novel
    • How to write a good book
    • How to feel inspired
    • How to find the perfect role model
    • How to get your big idea
    • What type of book should you write?
    • Why write business books
    • Why write fiction books
    • Why write factual books?
    • Who should you be writing for?

    Expert Author Session 2 - How To Pull Your Book Together

    • How to structure your book
    • How to plot and develop your ideas
    • Gathering everything you want int your book
    • Research
    • Photos
    • How to create a voice in the writing
    • How to write the first words and keep on going until the end
    • How to create chapters
    • How to edit your book
    • When to stop writing, rest from writing and start again
    • How to create the perfect start and end to every chapter
    • How to get your book printed without a publishing deal
    • How to write the preface and introduction
    • What goes on the front and back of your cover?
    • How to get your cover done quickly

    Author Session 3 – The Business of Making Your Book Pay

    • How to get listed in all major booksellers overnight
    • What to avoid and not do with your book
    • The pros and cons of self-publishing or being under the cloak of an agent
    • Do you need a publisher?
    • Do you need an agent?
    • Do you need a website?
    • Does social media work?
    • How to let the world know your book is ready

    And FAQ sessions where I will answer questions like

    • How long does it take to write my book?
    • How many pages should my book have?
    • Can I create a business with my book?
    1.  Workbook materials to download from each session PDF
    2. Reference links of interest

    Would You Like to Finally Get Started Writing Your Own Book?

    For me, the biggest thing about being a writer is the legacy that is left behind. I have so many details in my books that my family or others can share in the future. That for me feels nice and a right thing to do. Also, I love the freedom I have as a writer and author.

    I promise I will share everything I can with you that I know and more.

    On the June 19th over 3-consecutive nights, I will be presenting everything I can squeeze in over the time to help get you started on your life to becoming a published author.

    • This is an online course you can listen into from your home or your phone or computer
    • All calls are recorded for you to download and play again and again
    • A download worksheet is also available with every call

    If you are ready to write your book make sure you get on these live sessions because the one big bonus is you will be able to ask questions and get the answers you really need.

    Once you sign up you will be emailed details of how to dial into the calls online a couple of days before the call.

    Don't forget up until June 16th there is a huge saving of £50. After that the price goes back to full price with no saving.

    I look forward to helping you get on the road of writing, authoring and creating your very first book.

    Your author,

    Alan Forrest Smith.