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From Flab To Fit - A Deliberate Recreation Of Your Health And Fitness

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How To Go From Flab To Fit In Your Fifties or Any Age

New 1-Hour Audio course for Instant Download dedicated to a deliberate recreation of health and fitness

At 47 years of age, I had hit 17 stone

My fitness levels were very low. My diet was just terrible. And when I looked in the mirror I really didn’t like what I was starting to see. But as I write to you I have never been fitter and healthier in my life.

Yes I am now fit but as part of my ongoing deliberate recreation, I have set new goals for 2018.

I am 55 on February 9th, 2018. That means I have lived 20,075 days or 481,800 hours.

Can you imagine what a car would look like at that age and stage of travel?

When I see pals of mine from school at 55 there are times when I am in absolute shock. I ask myself do I look like that also?The process of aging is relentless and has no cares about how you will look or feel at any age. Truly to even hit 55 is a reality many don’t see.

Yet there is a tiny percent that breaks all expectations and defy their years. I don’t want to sound like I’m showing off but today at 54 I am fit strong, can lift hundreds of Kilos, can run and walk for hours, have completed a 10k assault course, swam over frozen rivers and have the energy of a 25-year-old.

What I see in the mirror looks good. I have muscles, just a little fat, my skin, hair, and teeth are all in place and honestly, I have never felt so fit and healthy in my life (see photo).

  • Yes, I go to the gym
  • Yes, I do Yoga
  • Yes, I take multi-vitamins daily.
  • Yes, I eat NO processed foods and stick to a clean diet (mostly).

Yet - It almost looks and feels like good health is a bit of a lottery.

When I began getting fit I told a friend about my sore left knee. His response was it was probably arthritis and should see about the possibility of drugs and a knee replacement at some point.

I complained to my mother about feeling sore after a big session at the gym, she asked me (the way mothers do) why do I go to the gym so often? It is her belief that I should just grow old like my dad. A lot of TV and gardening!

But then - Even just going into a gym doesn’t mean fitness. For example, it isn’t uncommon for bodybuilders to get damaged or die young. An extreme bodybuilder that promoted everything and anything to build muscle dropped dead just a few weeks ago at the young age of just 45. This isn’t unusual in the bodybuilding world.

And of course having a gym membership or simply walking into a gym isn't enough to get you truly fit.

So what is fitness and getting fitter than you’ve ever been at any age?

I found a deliberate recreation of your fitness level is very personal to yourself and what you want your outcome to be?

Getting fit and dropping the fat has a starting point. It starts with the realization that something in your life has to change. That change has to take place somewhere.

My own deliberate fitness recreation arrived one day when I looked in the mirror and saw myself naked.

I didn’t like what I was looking at.

17 stone in weight, a life of drinking wine almost daily and eating a diet of instant prepackaged foods had begun to take its toll. My skin was looking a little yellow, I had been through a horrible divorce and felt the lowest I could ever have felt. Getting up was a problem, energy was way too low and sleeping had become an issue for me.

Also, I never liked the idea of growing old the way we are expected to grow old.

So I began a journey into fitness and a deliberate recreation of my body and health.

I started at home on my own – this was hopeless.

I bought weights and all sorts but never used them.

I read everything and bought every book – it never worked.

I went to gyms  and had a membership – I had no idea what to do or use once in the gym so that really didn’t work either.

I have tried every diet – nothing worked apart from what works right now. Some diets made me fatter while others made me feel ill.

I was told it all - Avoid carbs, take carbs, more protein, more chicken, more steak, more broccoli, eat every two hours, fast and just about every bit of food advice you can imagine.

I’ve taken and tried literally tons of supplements – some work – some just don’t they just made me bloated and faster than ever.

And good advice online and offline – unless you know it's pretty impossible.

So getting fit is complicated. And I can tell you muscles aren’t fitness that is just a way to look. So combining a good physique with a good nutrition at my age now has been lost like a science but it is finally working.

I have never felt better and stronger in my life.

I have recorded a one hour audio for you where I am going to share with you (male or female) the processes I went through, reveal all of the mistakes to avoid and help you fast track your deliberate recreation into being the fittest you have ever been in your life by sticking to some very simple rules that I have discovered cannot be broken if you want to get fit and look amazing.

See my photo at the top?

I hope you agree this clearly works.

Although I am NOT a fitness expert I know what I can share with you will help you as it changed my physical appearance and energy levels.

So if you are fed up with what you see in the mirror and are ready for a deliberate recreation of your appearance and fitness levels this is for you regardless of your age or gender.

At 54 I have never been fitter in my life. That improves month on month. It isn’t as tough as you think.

I am more than happy to share my journey so far with you over an hour.

Some of what you’ll discover

• My own personal fitness recreation story
• The first thing you must conquer – most never do – here is how I did it to see change
• What is fitness?
• What is health?
• Where do you start?
• How to approach a new health practice
• Why being realistic is critical
• Why age is a number and critical in your choices
• Why health immersion is essential at the start
• How to reduce a fear of fitness
• What do you need to buy?
• Why looking the part is essential
• How to know what you want from your fitness
• The first steps you need to take for fast fitness
• How to start getting fit fast doing easy things
• How to drop fat and bloating very quickly
• How to drop even more pounds and start looking sexy
• Why most advice will never work for you
• The one place you must go to get fit
• The most important thing you will ever do to get fit
• Why exercise is only a fraction of the battle
• Testing everything to understand what works for you
• Why creating progressive goals is important
• How to measure your fitness levels
• How to know what exercises to do
• How to find out the best way of eating quickly
• Do you need to take supplements and why?
• What should you eat daily?
• The ultimate way to get fit (in my opinion)

I am excited to share with you what has worked for me (so far) and could very easily work for you.

And please don't forge to let me know how you get along, send photos and emails about the new deliberate recreational path you are taking into a fitter and healthier you.


Alan Forrest smith

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