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Deliberate Life Recreation

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Deliberate Life Recreation – 21-Day challenge

To be released July 7th, 2017

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Deliberate Life Recreation project is an experiment to deliberately recreate your own life so you can live a more fulfilled, happier and healthier life. Guided by Alan Forrest Smith, this is the author's personal experiment where we kindly invite you to join in.

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It’s too easy to forget to live life and simply exist life.

Now and then an act of Deliberate Recreation of Life must take place.

I am going to create a new life. I will deconstruct and reconstruct what I need. I have created before – I am creation as you will see.

Once you know how – You will be able to Deliberately Recreate your life if that’s what you need.

Can You recreate life by tapping into a much higher source?

First, It’s important to say this right at the start …

I AM MY OWN CREATION … What I am right now was created by myself – the good and the bad – I created it.

You are the same – the good and the bad.

I had this thought…

WHAT IF … I walked away from everything and started again?

What would happen?

I believe as human beings we are like the seasons in that we need, desire and thrive through change. If things don’t change, nothing changes. And if nothing changes… like the seasons… no new growth can take place.

So I’ve made a decision, I’m going to walk away from certain things and certain certainty in my life to create my deliberate recreation through forced change and through my own forced actions.

Because I know if things don’t change… nothing new grows in me.

I have created many times in my life.

I have created careers, many careers. I created businesses that have paid myself huge amounts. I have even created human beings that of being the father of four children. I have created the love of my life who is with me each and every day. I have created homes and even built houses from scratch.

I created all of what has been and what is to come.

And what I have right now, the good or the bad has been created by myself. I’m happy but not as fulfilled I want to be. I know that. I feel that. This is my reality because I am human.

I’ve thought about this but not too much. My lack of fulfillment has come through repetition. The repetition has created a numbness that is common in Zoomanic society.

If this is what I feel with my businesses right now it’s because I created it. Regardless of the success … I shall tear down its walls and build again.

This is my own law of deliberate recreation. My life. My own journey.

I have good things right now. I have perfect things right now. I created the most perfect relationship after finding my wife. We have everything we need and do a lot of things that are part of recreation. But my work, although acclaimed has become too robotic, too formulated and to regular.

So after having a ‘WHAT IF’ moment I have decided to walk away from the things that no longer serves my higher purpose.
I can do this.
I have done this before.
Just eight years again I was left homeless and bankrupt after a cruel and bitterly destructive divorce.
It hurt.
I was smashed.
I had created my downfall.
I had created the end of that life.
I deliberately recreated again.


So from today, I have decided to deliberately recreate from scratch again to create a new life with my wife.

I am obliged under divine law to create. I am a creator. I will create.
That is going to mean some huge changes but I’ve done that before.
That will mean some sacrifices but I’ve done that before.
This will also mean a few tears and frustration but that is something I can handle and have done before.
I know what I want and I know how to harness the powers I have built up over the past 54 years since I was born into this life.
What Does Deliberate Recreation Mean?
I’m going to create a brand new way of doing everything for myself.

  • This means right now.
  • Follow my natural instincts.
  • Stick with my intuition.
  • Take my thinking into another dimension.
  • Do what I know I should be doing but am not doing right now.
  • This means a very careful but a very natural intuitive program of deliberate recreation.
  • This means listening to a voice in the wilderness that has been speaking to me and I have ignored for too long.

And can I do this?


I am the man I created. The man life created. I can do this.

I don’t mind sharing how.

I believe life has delivered me many messages and is still delivering me messages right now.

Some I see, some I see and ignore, some I hear, some I hear and ignore and some I simply follow when I know it’s right but not often enough.

So here intentions that I publicly sentence myself to

  • Reconnect in a deeper way to my own humanity
  • Read and search my own messages and be guided
  • Dig deeper for my own spirit and listen to my inner voice
  • Be more aware of the intuitive laws and work with them
  • Remind myself that knowing all things isn’t possible
  • Expect the impossible to happen
  • Creation erases human boredom
  • Creation invigorates life
  • Deliberate recreation unleashes another element of human that cannot be accessed
  • by the regular creation
  • Don’t forget my God code
  • Uncover and reveal my powers
  • Reject the repeaters
  • This is about being human.
  • This is about revealing the powers of a human.
  • This is about claiming back my humanity.

And of course.

I will reveal to you what is truly possible when you take a step back, walk away and start all over again from zero.

Ready to join in Deliberate Life Recreation journey?

So here it is again.

My own promise.

What if I walk away from everything and start again… can I recreate life by tapping into a much higher source?

I think this is going to be one of the most interesting and exciting experiences and journeys I’ve ever taken part in.

I also know this will reveal far more about myself than I can ever know.

I’ve already started the journey…

Join and start your own Deliberate Recreation Journey

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